Arclab MailList Controller 11

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Arclab MailList Controller the Newsletter Software and Email Marketing System for your Windows based PC or Server.

Maintain control over your Mailing Lists ... Private and Secure on your own Computer.

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Email Newsletter Software

Our newsletter software includes all features required for a successful email campaign or newsletter service and covers every aspect of modern email marketing and mailing list management. Test our free version.


More about Arclab MailList Controller:

Mailing List Management

Arclab MailList Controller is an easy way to communicate with your customers and friends. It helps you to build your contact list or manage and grow your existing contact lists. Its easy to setup, but has powerful features.


  • Send personalized messages
  • Use web forms for subscribe and remove
  • Import contacts from MS Access, MS Excel, Text (CSV) and ODBC (MS SQL, MySQL, ...)
  • Works with your mail account or server
  • More features

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software is very cost effective .. it allows you to reach thousands of potential customers for virtually free. Build a close relationship with your subscribers and see the effort of your email campaign immediately.