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Building your Contact Database

Your contact list is a valuable property. MailList Controller helps you to build your contact list or manage and grow your existing lists. It does not make much difference if you have just started or you already have a large customer database. Everybody can use our email marketing software and profit from its results. Convert your visitors into subscribers using a web form. Send out newsletters to your subscribers and make customers out of newsletter subscribers. Repeat it and make returning customers out of customers.

The email marketing software will run without or with little user intervention. It supports double opt-in, web form submissions, subscribe and remove requests. Thanks to the built-in returned email and error detection the distribution list will stay clean of invalid or outdated email addresses. MailList Controller uses an internal database or an external (linked) database and can import members from MS Access, MS Excel, Text (csv), SQL Server or from ODBC.



Email Marketing Software Version

Email Marketing Software grows with your Business

MailList Controller is an easy way to communicate with your customers and friends. Email marketing software is very cost effective - it allows you to reach thousands of potential or returning customers for virtually free. Build a close relationship with your customers and see the effort of your email newsletter campaign immediately. You don't have to wait until the post office delivers your flyer or newsletter. Just press a button and your newsletter goes out to your subscribers.

Our newsletter software targets 4 different groups and is available in 4 versions. The free and light version for private users or small groups. The professional version is for the business and professional user, who wants to build a closer relation to his newsletter subscribers. Our flagship software product is the eXtreme version, which is the right choice for dedicated professionals and companies with a large customer base. Its also possible to upgrade the license later, so that the newsletter software can grow with your business and your newsletter subscriber list.


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Email Marketing Basics

Email Marketing Basics


What is required for Email Marketing?

  • Windows based PC
  • Internet Connection
  • Email Marketing Software (Download)
  • List of Contacts (Recipients)
  • Email Account


How much does it cost?

Email Marketing is non-expensive advertising. You can send the email messages right away, using your own computer. All you need is an email account ... using MailList Controller you don't have to pay for every message sent. Its a one-time payment for the software, which means no recurring fees and no subscriptions for the software. The software is available in 4 different versions, from the free version to the eXtreme version. The versions differ in the number of lists and max. recipients per list. Its recommended to start and test the email marketing software with our freeware version. You can upgrade to the light, professional or eXtreme version later.


Recipients and SPAM

The recipients are an important issue in email marketing. The better the recipients list, the more you will benefit from using the email software. You will get the best results with a list of subscribers, who have subscribed e.g. to your newsletter on your website or with a list of existing customers. Email marketing does not equal sending SPAM. You should always be aware of the fact, that you should not spam the recipients with a flood of messages. There are rules for sending commercial email messages. MailList Controller also support double opt-in and remove requests, so that contacts can subscribe to your service (if you want to add a subscribe feature) or exclude themself from future mailings.
See also: Newsletter Basics and Anti-Spam rules


How should the Message look like?

There is no clear answer on this issue, some think the best are text-only messages, others are using well designed flyers. MailList Controller supports both, text and designed Rich-Text (HTML) messages or even a combination of both. Its strongly recommended to run a spam check (e.g. send a test message to several web mail or spam protected accounts) before sending a message to your subscribers.


How long does it take before I get the Results?

Email marketing is very fast and direct - basically you can get the first response directly after you have sent out the first message. Its like in other business - the better the offer and the recipients  the more response you will get