Email Marketing and Campaigns

Run multiple Email Marketing Campaigns using Arclab® MailList Controller

Cost Effective Marketing

MailList Controller is an easy way to communicate with your customers and friends. Email marketing software is very cost effective - it allows you to reach thousands of potential or returning customers for virtually free. Build a close relationship with your customers and see the effort of your email newsletter campaign immediately.


Easy to Use

It does not make much difference if you have just started or you already have a large customer database. Everybody can use our email marketing software and profit from its results. Convert your visitors into subscribers using a web form. Send out newsletters to your subscribers and make customers out of newsletter subscribers.


Software for PC, No Subscription, No recurring Fees

MailList Controller is a software product running on your computer and not an online service like others.
There is no subscription required and there are no recurring fees.


Tracking and Reports using Google Analytics

Add a click-through link to your message for email tracking.  Login to your GA account and see exactly how many recipients clicked on the link, how long the recipient stays on your site, etc.


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Email Marketing