Email Open-Rate Tracking

using Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

Open-Rate Email Tracking | See also: Click-Through Email Tracking




"Open-Rates" measures how often an email message was opened.
Google Analytics allows you to track email open rates using a tracking pixel embedded in the message, e.g.

<img src=" ... ">

Please read the instructions "Analytics Measurement Protocol" on Google Developer. 

(Click here to open it in a new window) link

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Build the Image Source URI

The source URI contains the required parameter for the open-rate tracking:
( you can also use the "Hit Builder" linked from the Google Developer page link)


Tracking ID (&tid)

Use the same ID as your website, e.g. &tid=UA-1234567-8 (copy the ID from your website tracking)

<img src=" ... &tid=ABC ... ">


Client ID (&cid)

Use &cid=555 for anonymous tracking. (555 is the anonymous GA Client ID)

Don't include any data that allows Google to personally identify an individual!
See also: "Measurement Protocol / SDK / User ID Policy" link

We also recommend to add the parameter &aip=1 to enable "anonymize IP" on GA. See also: Parameter Reference link

<img src=" ... &cid=555&aip=1 ... ">

MailList Controller 12.5 (or newer) also supports using a random unique ID, which allows you to track unique email opens.
Use &cid=##RID## (##RID## will be replaced by a random unique ID) for unique email opens.

<img src=" ... &cid=##RID##&aip=1 ... ">


Event (&t)

We want to track the event email open:

<img src=" ... t=event&ec=email&ea=open ... ">


Document Path (&dp)

The document path (displayed in GA) must start with a slash and should be unique for each mailing.
e.g. /email/newsletter1
Don't forget to encode the path! ( slash / = %2F )

<img src=" ... &dp=%2Femail%2Fnewsletter1 ... ">


Document Title (&dt)

Use e.g. the subject as document title:
My Newsletter
Don't forget to encode the title ( space = %20 )

<img src=" ... &dt=My%20Newsletter ... ">

Add the Tracking Code to the Mailing (HTML Source)

Click on "HTML Source" in the MailList Controller editor to view the message source.
It's recommended to add the tracking pixel at the bottom of the message, e.g. before the </body> tag.

<img src=


Don't include any data that allows Google to personally identify an individual!
See also: "Measurement Protocol / SDK / User ID Policy" link


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