Email Tracking using Google Analytics

Click-through Tracking


There is an easy way to gather click through information using Google Analytics. The key is "link tagging" - this means the link to your web page contains additional information, e.g. the campaign-name, so that you can identify the click-through links from your newsletter campaign.

Please read the following article about "link tagging" on Google Analytics. 

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Lets say the URL, which should be included as link in your newsletter is:


Google Analytics provides a tool, which build the links for you, so that you don't need to care about the syntax.
(click here to open the Google Analytics URL Builder in a new window)


In this sample we use:
Campaign Source = Newsletter1
Campaign Medium = Email
Campaign Name = Your Product


The link would be: (don't create the link by hand, always use the Google Analytics URL Builder )


The link contains the additional information, which is required to track the clicks. 
This allows you to measure how many people have clicked on a link in your newsletter.



Google(tm) Analytics  is a service provided by Google(tm).
Google(tm) Analytics is not part of the software MailList Controller.