Email Tracking using Google Analytics

Click-through Tracking


There is an easy way to gather click through information using Google Analytics. The key is "link tagging" - this means the link to your web page contains additional information, e.g. the campaign-name, so that you can identify the click-through links from your newsletter campaign.

Please read the following article about "link tagging" on Google Analytics. 

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Lets say the URL, which should be included as link in your newsletter is:


Google Analytics provides a tool, which build the links for you, so that you don't need to care about the syntax.
(click here to open the Google Analytics URL Builder in a new window)


In this sample we use:
Campaign Source = Newsletter1
Campaign Medium = Email
Campaign Name = Your Product


The link would be: (don't create the link by hand, always use the Google Analytics URL Builder)


The link contains the additional information, which is required to track the clicks. 
This allows you to measure how many people have clicked on a link in your newsletter.



Google(tm) Analytics is a service provided by Google(tm).
Google(tm) Analytics is not part of the software MailList Controller.