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Add a title and (optional) a link to the online version of the newsletter, uploaded to your web server.

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If you use web-based (linked) images:

Can't see the images properly? Add ##LISTEMAIL## to your address book

The program replaces ##LISTEMAIL## with the email address defined as "List Email" in the list settings.


Disclaimer: You are receiving this newsletter (alternate: email, message, offer, ...), because you subscribed to our newsletter at (web site) ... (alternate: signed up at web site, bought X from us, ...) ...

Depending on your relation to the recipient it might be good idea to include details on why you sent the message.
See also: Why is my message detected as spam?


Include all the information required for your country to comply with current law.
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Disclaimer: This page contains basic information and does not constitute legal advice.


Footer in our Templates (Version 12.2+)

<P>Not interested anymore? Click <A href="mailto:##LISTEMAIL##?subject=##REMOVETAG##">here</A> to unsubscribe.<BR>&copy; 2015 Your Company, Your postal address.</P>


Add your Postal Address, Contact Information, Trademarks, etc.

Your Company Name
123 Your Street Address, Your City, State, Zip, Country


See also: Newsletter basics and anti-spam rules


Unsubscribe Information:

Not interested anymore? Click here (add a link to unsubscribe web form or an mailto: link) to unsubscribe or reply with "Remove" in the subject. (alternate: Reply with "Remove" in the subject to unsubscribe from future mailings (alternate: newsletters, messages, offers, ...))

See also: How to add an unsubscribe link to your newsletter