External Editor

Arclab® MailList Controller

This short tutorial describes how to use an HTML editor like e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web to edit an email newsletter message.


Step 1:

Click on "New Message" in MailList Controller to open the editor.


Step 2:

Go to the section "HTML Source" (click on the tab).


Step 3: 

Check "Source Mode".
This ensures, that the html source code will not be changed by the internal editor.


Step 4:

Create the newsletter message in external HTML Editor and save the .html file to your hard-disk.


Step 5:

Go back to the MailList Controller editor and select "File -> Import HTML" or click on the "Open" icon.


Now the program imports the newsletter created in the external editor. The HTML code remains unchanged because you checked the "Source Mode" option. Please make sure, that the HTML file does not use any external references, which are not accessible within an email! e.g. use inline CSS code instead of external CSS files. Local images will be imported automatically and attached to the message (inline attachments) - external (linked) images will NOT be attached.


How to setup an external editor for the future?

This procedure can also be automated, so that the external editor opens the "HTML Source" directly. Click on "External Editor" and select the executable of the external editor. This must be done only once. A click on "External Editor" will open the external editor in the future.

Its very easy to use: