Unsubscribe Link

How to add an unsubscribe link to your newsletter

Add an Unsubscribe Link

  • Select the text you want to use as hyperlink
  • Click on the "Add Hyperlink" icon
  • Enter the URL. This should be mailto: followed by your list email and the subject keyword to unsubscribe.




A click on the mailto: link will open the recipient's mail client with preset recipient and subject.

The remove message with the subject "remove" will be received by the program during the next "Sync" (List Synchronization).

Unsubscribe Link

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  • Use a link to a web form which generates the unsubscribe email
  • Use "Reply with Remove in the subject" instead of the mailto link
  • Use a combination e.g. Click here to unsubscribe ... or reply with "Remove" in the subject