Edit Newsletter Templates

How to use and edit Free and Premium Email Newsletter Templates.

Click on "Message Templates" in the section "Mailing Lists" or "Message Drafts", or click on "Templates" in the editor to open the template selection dialog. The templates are included MailList Controller. There is no additional download or installation required.


How to edit HTML Email Newsletter Templates

We recommend to use an external HTML editor if you want to edit complex HTML templates, but you can also edit the HTML code directly.


These are just a few samples. You can use HTML to create eye-catching email newsletters. Always keep in mind, that some mail clients might not support all HTML elements - send a few test messages before sending out a mailing.



Using 3rd Party HTML Email Newsletter Templates

You can use most free and commercial templates.
Just google e.g. for "Free Email Newsletter Template" ...


Most templates are easy to use: