International Character Sets

HTML Encoding for Email Messages

MailList Controller is an Unicode application supporting all international characters.
Utf-8 encoding will be used for all outgoing messages.

You can import HTML files using the following charsets:

The program auto-converts the charset to utf-8 when importing a custom HTML message (template).
Please change the encoding to utf-8 (using your external HTML editor) if the program cannot convert your HTML code.


Some systems have problems showing Unicode chars like e.g. Chinese chars. If you see question marks or squares instead of the chars, then either the charset of the import file is incorrect or there is a problem on the system.

It often helps to change the regional settings of the Windows system to the used language and back to English.
If you are using a different system language then it can also help to change the system language to English.

You can find more information regarding this issue on Google, e.g. google for "unicode characters not displaying"