How many messages does it send per hour?

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Using SMTP

Not MailList Controller defines the speed, its the environment. It depends on the internet connection (upload speed), the connection to your mail server, mail server performance and message size. The message size is an important factor - large images can have a have a high impact on the speed.

Please note, that there is a difference between the download and upload bandwidth.
Most internet connection with a high download speed have a much slower upload speed.




Having a mail server in your local network, you can send a large number of messages within a short time. In some cases it could be required to slow down or limit the mailing. MailList Controller has an option to slow down the mailing or limit the max. number of outgoing messages per hour.



Mail Server Pickup Folder for Direct Mail

This option can be used if you are running a local mail server, which has a pickup folder. In this mode, the program does not use SMTP. It creates an .eml file in the pickup folder for each message, which will be picked up by your mail server. MailList Controller creates the messages in the pickup folder very fast: up to 100.000 messages in less than 5 minutes, so it might be required to slow down or limit the number of messages per hour, if your server runs out of resources. Please note, that the program does not receive any confirmation from your mail server and your mail server is responsible for the mailing and error processing. Please refer to the user manual of your mail server for further details.