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Single Opt-In

MailList Controller supports both, single and double opt-in subscriptions. With a single opt-in process, an address is added to the mailing list as soon as the subscription is received, e.g. submitted through a newsletter subscription form at your web site.



Double Opt-in

Double opt-in means the submitted address is not added immediately to the mailing list. Instead an email is sent back to the email address, requesting confirmation. The new subscriber can confirm the request by replying to the confirmation message. The email address is only activated, if the recipient responds to the confirmation email. The confirmation process is failsafe and very simple, the email address can be confirmed by a click on "Reply".



Arclab® MailList Controller

MailList Controller is the complete solution for newsletter mailings and email marketing campaigns. You can test MailList Controller using our fully operational free version.


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The program can send an (optional) autoresponder message after the contact has subscribed/unsubscribed successfully.


Unsubscribe / Remove

A person can unsubscribe from a contact list by replying to any message with "Remove" (default keyword) in the subject line or by filling out a form on your website. The unsubscribe process does not require a confirmation, even if you use the double opt-in subscription model.