Bulk Mailer Software and Mass Email Sender

Use Arclab® MailList Controller to send
personalized email messages to your contacts.

MailList Controller includes all features required for a successful email campaign or newsletter service and covers every aspect of modern email marketing and mailing list management. The fast and reliable SMTP engine works with any mail server and supports all common authentication methods, including SMTP/ESMTP auth, SSL, StartTLS, Pop before SMTP and IIS Pickup folder mode.


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How does a Bulk Mailer send the Emails?

MailList Controller requires an email account, which supports SMTP. It will also work with your MS Exchange server and supports the "Pickup Folder Mode" for direct mailing (without using SMTP) if you run your own mail server. It sends your messages in exactly the same way as a regular mail program. The bulk mailer software sends one separate message to each contact (subscriber) in regular To: mode, it does not use bulk carbon copies. This ensures, that the privacy of your recipients is not at risk and allows to send personalized email newsletters. In other words: if you list has e.g. 300 subscribers, then it will send 300 separate email messages and each message contains only the email address of the current contact.


Does using a Bulk Mailer equal sending SPAM?

No, using a bulk mailer does not equal sending SPAM. Today all major companies are using bulk mailers to send information to their subscribers. Please play by the rules, which means that you should not flood your contacts with too many messages and do not send messages to peoples who don't want to receive messages from you. Its also required, that you enable the recipients to exclude themself from future mailings, if they are no longer interested in your service. See also: Newsletter Basics and Anti-Spam rules


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

MailList Controller is a fast bulk and mass mailer, but will not overload your mail server. It includes different options, which can be used to throttle down the mailing. This options are also very useful if your mail account has limitations. Some mail accounts are limited in the number of messages, which can be sent per hour, others require a pause between the messages. MailList Controller can be adjusted to work with such a limit. If you can send out an email from your computer, then you can also send a mailing using MailList Controller. MailList Controller supports SMTP, ESMTP, SSL and StartTLS authentication.


Mail Server Pickup Folder for Direct Mail

This option can be used if you are running a local mail server, which has a pickup folder. In this mode, the program does not use SMTP. It creates an .eml file in the pickup folder for each message, which will be picked up by your mail server. MailList Controller will create the messages in the pickup folder very fast: up to 100.000 messages in less than 5 minutes, so it might be required to slow down or limit the number of messages per hour, if your server runs out of resources. This option is the fastest way to send mailings if you are running a local mail server, which has a pickup directory. Please note, that the program does not receive any confirmation from your mail server and your mail server is responsible for the mailing an error processing. Please refer to the user manual of your mail server for further details.