Edit Email Newsletter Messages in External HTML Editor

Arclab® MailList Controller

edit  How to Edit an Email Newsletter Message in an External HTML Editor

Click on the icon "Open in External Editor":


edit in external editor


If you click on "Open in External Editor" the first time, you need to select the editor's executable.
See also: Select External HTML Editor to edit Email Newsletter Messages



The newsletter will be opened in the external editor (in this sample in MS Word):


external editor


Edit the message in the external editor and click on "Save" in the external editor.
Important: Don't change the file name!



Close the external editor and go back to the MailList Controller - Message Editor and click on "Update now!"




Note: The program runs a script to save/convert the message as "HTML Filtered" when using MS Word.
The script remove MS Office specific tags, which are not supported in other clients.


If you want to import a HTML file created with MS Word directly (without using the "Open in External Editor" function), save the file as "Filtered HTML".
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