Insert an Image into an Email Newsletter

Arclab® MailList Controller

photo  How to Insert an Image into an Email Message

Place the cursor and click on the "Add Image" icon in the editor:


Insert Image


You can choose between adding the image as inline attachment (default option) or using a linked image (image on your web server).

photo  Insert Image on Local Computer

Click on "Select Image on Computer", select the image file and click on "Insert Image".
The image will be added as inline-attachment to the message. This means the image will be encoded and attached to the message.

Important: Resize your image to the desired image size using your image editing software before adding the image.
Large images will increase the message size and will slow down your mailing.


image on local computer


Important: Use a file on your local computer or on a mapped (!) network drive.
Sample: x:\images\image.jpg or c:\temp\sunny.png (Don't use an UNC \\server\share\file here!)


The program makes all required changes to the HTML sourcecode (there is no manual action required).

<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<META name="GENERATOR" content="MSHTML 11.00.10586.306"></HEAD>
<BODY><IMG src="cid:20160608150810.001"></BODY></HTML>

The image source (src) was replaced with the auto-assigned image content-id.


You can see a list of all inline (attached) images in the section "Attachments":


Attached Images

photo  Insert Image on Web Server (Linked Resouce)

Check "Insert Image on Web Server (Linked Resource)" and enter the location (URL) of the image on your web server:


Insert Linked Resource


Important: Resize your image to the desired image size using your image editing software before adding the image!


You can add .png, .jpg and .gif images - start with http:// or https:// (for secure server), e.g.




Important: Do NOT delete the image on your web server!
The image is not attached to the message - the image will be downloaded by the recipient's mail client when viewing the message!


Using linked images helps to keep the message size small, but you should keep in mind that some mail clients might not show the image(s) unless the recipient clicks on "Download Images" or if the sender (you) is in the address book or marked as safe sender.

photo  Image Size in Responsive Designs

If you use a responsive design (e.g. one of the included responsive templates) and the image size should be the full width of the table cell, then you need to adjust the image width in the "HTML Source" (HTML Sourcecode):


Responsive Design


Locate the IMG tag, e.g.

<IMG src="http://www.yourdomain.tld/image/image1.jpg">

and adjust the width to: (for 100%)

<IMG width="100%" src="http://www.yourdomain.tld/image/image1.jpg" style="width:100%;">


Please note: This is only required if the image has no static width!
There is no change required if the image should have the same size of all devices.