Arclab Dir2HTML Online Help

Directory to HTML Converter and HTML Index Generator


Source and Output


Input Folder:

Click on "Select Folder" to browse for the folder which should be used for indexing.
The folder(directory) should be a folder or your local hd or network drive, e.g. e:\sample.



Click on "Select Output" to select the location and the filename of the output html index file.
The program will create a single html file, even if you select "Include Subfolders".
e.g. c:\temp\sitemap.htm



Enter the filename or search mask for the files you want to include. You can also include wildcards.
e.g. use
*.htm or *.html for HTML files
*.jpg for JPEG image files
*.txt for textfiles>
or use *.* for all files (default setting)


Exclude Hidden:

Check the option "Exclude Hidden Files and Folders" to exclude hidden fiiles and folders from the search.
This option is already checked by default.

The program will always ignore files and folders with the attribute "System".


Subfolders and Subsections


Include Subfolders:

Check this option if the index should contain subfolders and files inside the subfolders


Create Subsection for each Subfolder:


Output with "Create Subsections for each Subfolder" checked.
The tool creates one subsection for each subfolder.
The user can directly jump to the subsection by clicking on a folder.

Output with "Create Subsections for each Subfolder" unchecked.
The filename will contain the path.




Link Files:

Check this option if Dir2HTML should create hyperlinks.



Use the default "./" if the index file (output-file) is in the root (top folder) of the input-folder.

Link-Prefix: File: Link:
./ 2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG <a href="./2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG">
e:\samples 2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG <a href="file:///e:/samples/2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG">
http://www.yourdomain.tld/folder 2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG <a href="http://www.yourdomain.tld/folder/2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG">
../../ 2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG <a href="../../2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG">

Please verify your links after you have created the index file.
If you use rel. links, then the link will not work if you move the index to a different location.


Convert Spaces in Links to %20:

URL encoding of a character consists of a "%" symbol, followed by the two-digit hexadecimal representation.
Space = 32 decimal code and 20 in hexadecimal code.

<a href="../../2008-Holidays in Italy/IMG_0650.JPG">
will be converted to:
<a href="../../2008-Holidays%20in%20Italy/IMG_0650.JPG">


"Lowercase Files and Folders" and "Uppercase Files and Folders"

Will change the file and folder-names to uppercase or lowercase letters without changing the links. (The links will not be changed!)

<a href="./2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG">2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG</a>

Lowercase Files and Folders:
<a href="./2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG">2007-birthday/dsc00016.jpg</a>

Uppercase Files and Folders:
<a href="./2007-Birthday/DSC00016.JPG">2007-BIRTHDAY/DSC00016.JPG</a>


Add Back-Link:

Check "Add Back-Link" to add a link to the top-level section.

add back link



Enter the URL, e.g. http://www.yourdomain.tld/index.html


Cells and Columns


cells and colors

The width of the "Name" column will be calculated automatically.
100% - size width (if "Add Size" is checked) - date width (if "Add Date" is checked) - desc. width (if "Add Description Cell" is checked).

If you check the option "Add Description Cell", then the tool will add an empty cell (right) where you can enter some additional information for each file.


HTML Format Options


html format options

The "Page-Title" will be displayed in the top-level Section and will also be used as page title <title>Enter your page-title here</title>.

The "Table-Width" should be large enough to contain all the selected columns, otherwise the lines may break.