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Collect and Save Data from Inbound
Emails/Forms to a MS Excel Spreadsheet



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Export Email Data to MS Excel

email to excel


Inbox2DB automatically collects data from inbound messages, so that it's no longer required to copy/paste data from email messages to an excel sheet by hand. Each source data field in the email can be assigned to a cell in your excel sheet and you can setup multiple data connections for different source email formats. The detection routines are customizable and can be adjusted according to the format of the inbound message.


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Field Relationship

Data Collection Source - Email:

The source of the message doesn't matter. Inbox2DB can process all types of messages, like:

  • Order notifications
  • Surverys
  • Applications
  • Support forms
  • Web forms
  • Custom messages


The setup is easy and straight-forward. You can assign source fields and values based on a sample message, which allows you to setup a data connection within minutes. The program runs on your computer, can handle multiple data connections and works with your regular email account. There is no special hosting etc. required.


Data Collection Target - Excel:

The "target" of the data extraction can be any excel sheet:

excel sheet data columns


Please add the column names to the first line of your MS Excel sheet and a sample row to the next line. The sample row makes sure, that the program can determine the correct data type during the setup of the data connection. You don't need to care about cast operators, etc. ... the program automatically detects the corresponding data type for each column based on the sample row.


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