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Insert Data from Incoming Messages
into a MS SQL Server Database



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Export Email and Form Data to a MS SQL Server Database

Inbox2DB collects data from incoming email messages (like e.g. web forms, order notifications, surveys, applications, etc.) and adds a new record to your MS SQL Server database for each message. The unique features of Inbox2DB and the flexible collection engine allows you to insert internal/external data - sent via email - into your database.



email to mssql



Consistent Data Types

The data included in the email message will be mapped to the data type of the MySQL database automatically, so you don't need to care much about data types. It supports U.S. and European input formats, like e.g. 24/12/2014 and 24.12.2014 as date, $1.99 and 1,99€ as currencies, etc.

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Arclab Inbox2DB is an email automation solution and email parser software for your Windows PC to automate your inbox, collect data from incoming messages and insert the information into a database. Download Arclab Inbox2DB and test the software for 14 days without limitations.


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