Extract Email Data
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How to extract Email Data and insert
the Data into a Database or Excel



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Edit Column Relationship

The setup of the email extraction ("Source Field Relationship") is based on a sample message. First send a sample message to the specified email address and load the sample message into the program.

Inbox2DB auto-detects matching field names (if any). Otherwise you can setup the fields using "Source Field incl. Separator" and "Source Value End Marker".

Click on "Simulate Detection" to verify the settings. You can verify the mapping in the preview on the right. Source fields are highlighted in green and the value in blue color.

The "Insert Mode" determines whether a value should be taken from the email or whether the source code, file attachment, etc. should be saved in the corresponding target database field.

You can test Inbox2DB for 14 days without limitation
Inbox2DB is a software product for Windows PC and Server.

Extract Email Data

File Attachments and Email Source

Inserting email (file) attachments into the target database is just as easy as mapping the data from the email body. Simply select the desired attachment from the "Insert Mode" list. You can insert any type of file attachment into your database, whether it's pure binary data or documents. It is also possible to save the file attachment on the disc. Up to 30 file attachments can be processed per individual email.


In addition to file attachments, it is also possible to insert the complete email source code into the database. The email source code is in the standardized EML format and contains both the email header and the message body as well as all file attachments in coded form. If the email was created in HTML format, you can optionally save the HTML code in the database.

Test Inbox2DB Email Parser Software

Arclab Inbox2DB is an email automation solution and email parser software for your Windows PC to automate your inbox, collect data from incoming messages and insert the information into a database. Download Arclab Inbox2DB and test the software for 14 days without limitations.


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Source Email Samples:

The source email can be in text as well as in HTML (rich-text) format. The program automatically converts the email so that only the data and no text formatting are processed during the extraction. Each field of the email should have a unique field identifier or field name. There should also be line breaks between the fields so that the fields can be clearly assigned.


ProductID: 001

ProductID 001

ProductID= 001

ProductID = 001

Your Product


Your Product

Total Amount of Order: 99$

ProductID: 001;

ProductID: 001 ABC (static text after value)

Order: abcd 2016-02-01 (variable text after value)


Product: Your Product using
2 lines of text followed by a blank line


Product: Your Product using
2 lines of text followed by static text

Product: Your Product using
2 lines of text followed by another field
Name: John


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