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MS Exchange Server Email Accounts

In order to be able to retrieve messages from an MS Exchange Server, IMAP must be activated on the Exchange Server.
We recommend using an SSL/TLS encrypted connection.
Important: This information applies if you operate an "MS Exchange Server" yourself and not for the online services "Exchange Online" or "Microsoft 365".


For IMAP access to your MS Exchange Server you need the following information:


IMAP Email Account Settings for Inbox2DB
Server Name: The host name of the mail server
Server Port: The server port is automatically selected when you choose the server type.
Email Address:  Your email address
User Name: The user name is often identical to the email address, but can also be different.
User Password: Your email account password


Please contact your mail administrator if you do not know the account data.


How to enable IMAP on an Exchange Server:

https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/clients/pop3-and-imap4/configure-imap4?view=exchserver-2019 open_in_new





If access to your Exchange account via IMAP or POP3 is not possible, you can use another email account, e.g. from your web space provider, which allows normal IMAP access via user/password. In this case, you must then redirect or send the messages to be processed to this alternative email account.



F.A.Q. Email Accounts:

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