Email Body HTML/Text Source

Arclab® Inbox2DB

Insert the HTML/Text Source of the Email into a Database Field


In order to insert the HTML source code of the email into a database field, all you have to do is select "Insert Mode" >  "Insert HTML/Text Source".
Please note that this only contains the pure HTML source code, no image attachments.
(Version 4.5++)

Select "Insert Mode" > "Insert HTML/Text Source" instead of "Insert Field":
(You don’t need to specify a "Source Field" or "End Marker" here)


Insert EML/MIME Source


If the message does not contain an HTML part, then the text part is used instead.


Important: The target field should be a long text field, e.g. LONGVARCHAR or LONGTEXT.
Make sure the target field is large enough to hold the data.

TINTEXT: max. 255 bytes
TEXT: max. 65,535 bytes
MEDIUMTEXT: max. 16,777,215
LONGTEXT: max. 4,294,967,295 bytes or 4GB


It's also possible to save the complete email source (EML), which contains the full message source including attachments.
See: Email Source and File Attachments