Version Comparison

Arclab® Inbox2DB

Inbox2DB is available in 3 different versions: Test Version, Professional and Unlimited.
The professional version is limited to 10 connections (data extraction projects). The unlimited version has no such limit.
All other features are the same. It's also possible to upgrade from Professional to Unlimited later.


Arclab® Inbox2DB Test Version Professional Unlimited
Data Extraction Projects (Connections) Unlimited* 10 Unlimited*
Expires after 14 days Never Never
Submissions Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Extract Data to Excel check check check
Extract Data to Access check check check
Extract Data to MySQL check check check
Extract Data to ODBC Data Connection check check check
Insert File Attachments check check check
Insert Message Source Code check check check
Command Line Options check check check
Server Installation check check check
Payment Type Free One-time payment One-time payment
Free Updates Free 12 Months
Updates are optional, you can still use the purchased version or the last free update after the free update period. The license for the purchased version never expires.
Price in USD Free 199 USD 399 USD
Price in EUR (incl. 19% VAT) Free 199 EUR 399 EUR


* technical and hardware limits apply

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