Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Arclab Thumb Studio F.A.Q.


Where do I find the user manual?

Click here to open the user manual.


Can I add a link into the comment field?

Yes, you can add links to all project types, except JAVA-Slideshow.
e.g. add <a href="">Visit Arclab</a> into the comment field.


How long can I use the Freeware Version?

As long as you want - there is no expiration date - its not a trial version!


How can I update to the latest version?

Please uninstall the old version, download and install the latest version.


How can I play the Java Slideshow on page load?

Please open the .htm file and search for <body> ... replace it with <body

This will "push" the play button on page load. I recommend to add a dummy-image as first image, because it will start playing directly. (it jumps to the second image)


I have created the gallery, whats next? How do I upload it to my webpage ...

The program generates all required files. The output files could be found at the folder specified inside
the program as output folder. If you click on "Explore and Copy Project Files", then the software will
locate it on the disk for you and open an explorer at this location.

Please note, that the program only writes files inside this folder. Even if you select a custom template -
the template .htm file or the original folder will not be changed by Thumb Studio.

The atsxxxxx.htm file(s) will contain your slideshow or webalbum, the image files will be inside the
"images" folder. You can copy/open/import the .htm files with most html or web-editors. If you already
have a website or a web-project then please refer to the manual provided by your webspace provider or
html editor on how to open or import .htm files.

Please note, that you also need to copy or upload the „images“ folder to your web.
In many cases its the best solution to create a new folder on your web and copy/upload the webalbum
or slideshow to this location.


Please refer to the user manual of your webeditor or other html manual if you are unsure how to create a link. Instructions how to upload files to your webspace should be provided by your webspaceprovider.