Thumb Studio Samples

Sample Slideshows, Albums and Galleries


Arclab Thumb Studio - Webalbum

Thumbnails are displayed in a table . A click on an image will open a new window showing the same image in a larger dimension. A web photo album is also known as "Thumbpage" or "Web Gallery".


1001 1067
1122 1150
1200 1500


Arclab Thumb Studio - Slideshow

Each page contain a single image in the specified dimensions.
The viewer can use the controls to browse and navigate between the pages.


4001 4050


Arclab Thumb Studio - Slideshow with Preview

The slideshow with preview extends the regular slideshow and contains small thumbnails for the next and/or previews images.


6010 6070


Arclab Thumb Studio - Custom Templates

You can also use your own design and don't have to use one of the included drafts.


2001 2002