Frequently Asked Questions

Arclab Watermark Studio F.A.Q.


Tips and Tricks


I have purchased the program. How do I get the licensed version?

You will receive an email from ShareIt with your serial code after your purchase. Please download the free version, click on "Info", enter the serial code and press on the unlock icon to unlock the program. Please use our support form if you have not received or lost your key.

Please copy and paste the serial code exactly as delivered.
If the program still does not accept the number, then right-click on the desktop icon, select "Run as Administrator" and retry.




I have used the option "Replace source images and make a backup of the original files" - how can I restore the original images?

The backup images are copies of the original images (in the same folder) with the extension .bak.

e.g. image.jpg.bak

Rename the images to use the backup files again. (Remove the .bak extension)

Please note, that there is no auto-undo function, so its recommended to make a work-copy of the folder/images before. The .bak images are not removed by the program.


Where can I find the user manual?

Click here to open the User Manual.


I want to use the Italian version. Do I need to download a different setup?

No, the setup contains all language versions. The program will install the language version depending on your selection.