Multi-Layer and Transparency/Opactity


Apply multi-layered, transparent Watermarks
with custom Opacity to your Photos.



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Multi Layer Image Compositing Software

Watermark Studio is a multi layer image compositing software for Windows PC. It allows to show multiple text- and image watermark layers over the background image layer. The background image layer is the source image, to which the watermark should be applied. Arclab Watermark Studio supports up to 5 layers, the background layer, 2 text layers and 2 image layers.


Background Checker Tile

Layer 0: Background layer (source image)
Layer 1: Copyright tile

Text Layer

Layer 0: Background layer (source image)
Layer 1: Copyright tile
Layer 2: "Text Layer"

Image and Text Watermark Opacity

Opacity defines how much an image or text watermark will obscure the background (source) image.


Opacity 255

Opacity: 255
The background layer (source image) is not visible behind the © sign.

Opacity 255

Opacity: 128
The background layer is partially visible behind the © sign.

Test Watermark Studio

Explore Arclab Watermark Studio with our test version for MS Windows.
The test version is fully operational and allows you to test all features of the software.


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