Add Text- and Image Watermarks
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Arclab® Watermark Studio
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Watermark Studio is an image editing tool for Windows PC to add image and text watermarks to your pictures:


Text Watermark

A text watermark is a text layer over the source image.
You can use any font, font-size, color and opacity.


Text Watermark

Simple two line text watermark (black color, full opacity)
See also: Insert EXIF Metadata and GPS Location into Photos

Image Watermark

An image watermark is an image layer over the source image.
You can use any image, e.g. your company logo.


Image Watermark

Sample image watermark (custom opacity)



What File Format should I use for Image Watermarks?

We recommend to use the 32bit PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image format - with alpha layer transparency - which is supported by most image editing tools.


JPEG Image

JPEG image watermark
The JPEG image format has no alpha-layer or color-transparency, so you should use it for box image watermarks only.

PNG Image

PNG image watermark (with alpha layer) (recommended)



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