Text and Image Watermarks (Layers)

User Manual

Watermark Layers

Layers are used in digital image editing to separate different elements of an image.
A layer can be compared to a transparency on which text or image watermarks are applied and placed over the source image (photo).


Watermark Studio supports 2 text and 2 image watermark layers, which will be applied to the source image (background layer):


Watermark Layer


The source image(s) (the image(s) on which the watermark should be applied) are used as background layer.
The watermark layers are applied on/over the source image(s) in the order:

  1. Text Layer 1 (top)
  2. Image Layer 1
  3. Text Layer 2
  4. Image Layer 2

Text Layer: Text Watermark

"Text Watermark" allows you to use any text and/or image metadata as watermark.
Make sure, you've selected a source image from the image list (in our sample Demo1.jpg) and the text layer is "Visible (Enabled)":


Text Layer Sample


You should see the text watermark in the preview as soon as you start typing in text.

  • Click on "Select Text Font" to select a different font and font size.
    Type in the font size in the "Select Font Dialog", e.g. "150" if the pre-defined font sizes are too small.
  • Click on "Select Color" to change the font color.

Text Layer: Image Metadata

"Insert Metadata" allows you to insert image (EXIF) metadata from the source images. Click on "Insert Metadata" to show a list of all available metadata placeholders and the corresponding meta values for the currently selected image. You can combine the placeholder(s) with custom text. Sample:

Holidays 2017: {FileName}
Date: {DateTaken}

See also: Insert EXIF metadata and GPS location into photos

Image Layer: Image Watermark

Use "Image Watermark" to add an image watermark/stamp (e.g. your company logo) to the source images.
Make sure, you've selected a source image from the image list and the image layer is "Visible (Enabled)".


"Source Image" means the photo to which the watermark should be applied (in our sample Demo1.jpg).
"Watermark Image" means the image/logo/stamp (in our sample "Movie White") which should be applied on the "Source Image".


Image Layer Sample


  • Click on "Select Watermark Image" to select one of the pre-defined image watermarks or load a custom watermark, e.g. your company logo.
  • It's recommended to adjust the watermark image size (using an image editing software) according to your output image size before loading a custom image watermark, but you can also use "Select Watermark Size" to resize the watermark image.


"Position" specifies the position of the watermark relative to the source image.




Bottom-Left Top Left and Bottom Right Tile
Bottom Left Top Left and Bottom Right Tile


"Opactiy" specifies the transparency of a watermark.
Range: 0 (invisible) - 255 (no transparency)




Opacity 50 Opacity: 150 Opacity: 255
Opacity: 50 Opacity: 150 Opacity: 255 (max)


"Padding" allows you to adjust the space (x/y) from the border in pixel.