Watermark Strength and Copy Protection

Visibility and Protection


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A watermark could be used for many reasons, here are 3 of them and each one requires a different level of protection.


a) Display license information or information about the photographer

watermark 1

LOW LEVEL Protection


You often find such images on the internet.
It shows the name of the author, but does not contain much copy protection.
The text could be cut off and the photo could still be used.
Prominent parts of the image are not protected.


b) Add a branding to an image for visual marketing

watermark 2

MED LEVEL Protection


The level of protection depends on the used watermark and on the position.
The bottom part of the image might be protected, but the main (center) is not.
The main part of the image is visible and also the branding,
but it could be cut off and re-distriubuted without the branding.

watermark 3

The branding covers the center of the image and cannot
be cut off easily without destroying the image.


c) Copy protection for sample images

watermark 4

HIGH LEVEL Protection


This setup offers a good compromise of copy protection and visibility of the image.
The watermark covers the entire image, but the opacity is low.

watermark 5

This setup offers a high grade of copy protection.
The opacity is at full level, so that the original color infomation is not accessible in any way.