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Web Form Builder

Use the included Templates and Modules to Create a Contact Form in Minutes


Use one of the included form templates or modules to create a form quickly and easily, or create the form from scratch. Various form elements are available in different layout variants for this purpose. Each template provides a fully functional framework, which can be changed and expanded as you wish. The design of the form can be fully customized so that it fits seamlessly into your existing website.

Upload the PHP file to your website
and copy/paste the insertion code to your HTML or PHP host page, or simply open the PHP file in your browser without using a host page. It can also be integrated in CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Typo3.  Web Form Builder allows you to define a sequence of submission tasks which will be executed on form submission. The form data can be sent by email or written directly into a MySQL database.


Email Database Autoresponder Schema



Suitable for Beginners and Web Professionals


The program is aimed at beginners and web professionals alike, as you can easily create a complete form with just a few clicks, but also use extensive options and custom code. For example, it is possible to use one of the supplied design templates, or to set the CSS styles for each element. The situation is similar with the arrangement of the input elements. You can either use a standard layout or arrange the input elements as you wish. For the email to be sent, you can choose between an automatically generated or a user-defined message format. The program enables you to come to a result quickly and at the same time to customize the form where it is needed.

Developers can also insert custom PHP code, which should be executed after submitting the form. For example, it is possible to create a PDF document such as a contract that contains the user input from the form. Another typical task is sending a confirmation message to the filler of the form. This "autoresponder" message can be supplemented with file attachments or a PDF document so that many processes can be automated.

You can download and test the program without any obligation and without prior registration.
The forms created with the trial version are fully functional, so you can test them extensively on your own website.

Web Form Builder the online form generator software for Windows PC to
create HTML/PHP web forms for Email and MySQL with ease.

Create feature-rich email contact forms using a visual environment and upload the forms to your own website or CMS.


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Arclab® Web Form Builder

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Build Single- and Multi-Page PHP Forms


Arclab® Web Form Builder allows you to create single and multi-page (sequential) PHP forms with ease. It supports all common form elements for email contact forms, support forms, surveys, application forms and custom forms. In addition, advanced form elements are available for file uploads, for PayPal® payments or for signature fields. Calculations and logic operations are also included. The program can be used to create simple contact forms up to complex forms with advanced options.

Web Form Builder is a software product for Windows PC, which creates the complete PHP form and processing code for you.
See also: Single and Multi-Page Web Forms
The Test Version and Developer Edition allows you to add custom PHP code, e.g. to create a PDF email attachment.


Upload the PHP Form to Your own Website


The PHP forms generated by Web Form Builder are running on your own website. It's not required to use an external service provider to host your contact forms charging fees for every form submission. Simply upload a single file to your own website and get rid of external dependencies. This also increases data protection, as the form data entered is processed directly on your website and is not passed on to third parties.

See also: E.U. General Data Protection Regulation
The forms are running on all websites using PHP 5.3.2++, PHP 7 and PHP 8.


Easy Form Integration


The script generated by the program can be easily integrated into the desired host page. Simply select your target system in the "Finalize" area and the program will guide you through the necessary steps. Copy the HTML insertion code displayed in the program into your web page and upload the generated PHP file.

By using Unicode (utf-8) all languages and regions are supported. No external Javascript libraries have to be integrated to run the form on your website. The code for inserting the form consists of pure HTML/Javascript instructions and can be inserted into any HTML (or PHP) page. It can also be used with CMS systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or Typo3.