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check  php Forms for your own (hosted) website or web server

check  No costs per submission

check  Works on all web servers with php5+

check  Upload a single file - no installation on the server required

check  Supports file uploads (attachments)

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check  Integrate the form into any existing web page

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Web Form Builder

php Email Contact Forms
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Web Form Builder is a software products for Windows.
The forms made by the form generator work on ALL web servers and web space packages using php 5+.


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Build Single- and Multi-Page php Forms

Arclab Web Form Builder allows you to create single- and multi-page (sequential) php forms with ease. It supports all common form elements for email contact forms, support forms, surveys or application forms. Customize your form using required fields, email verification fields, checkboxes, file upload fields, etc. ... Web Form Builder is a software product for Windows PC, which creates the complete php and form code for you. There is no manual coding required.


Upload the php Form to your own Web Site

The php forms generated by Arclab Web Form Builder are running on your own web site. It's not required to use an external service provider to host your contact forms charging fees for every form submission. Simply upload a single file to your web site and get rid of external dependencies. The forms are running on all web space packages and web server using php version 5 or higher.


Integrate the Form into any existing Web Page

The forms can be integrated into any existing page or built based on a new page. The software supports multiple modes for easy form integration, either using a HTML template page, a php host page for php include or an iframe, which can be added to any page including Wordpress or Joomla pages.

Built-in Captcha or Google reCaptcha

Use either the built-in multi-style captcha or the modern Google reCaptcha. There are no separate includes required, everything you need is already in the script ... simply specify your keys in the software to use Google's reCaptcha service. The built-in captcha works even if the user has disabled cookies and javascript.


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