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check  php Forms for your own website or web server

check  Private and secure - No external form hosting

check  European Union GDPR Compliance

check  Supports php mail() and SMTP

check  Send custom email messages in text and/or HTML format

check  Send autoresponder messages

check  Works on all web servers with php > 5.3.2 and 7++

check  Supports file uploads (attachments)

check  Supports Google™ reCaptcha™ v2 and Invisible Captcha

check  Email contact form builder software for Windows

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Web Form Builder

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Design your php email contact form using a visual environment and upload the email contact form to your own website.
Web Form Builder is a online form creation software for Windows PC to create php and MySQL forms with ease.


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Build Single- and Multi-Page php Forms

Arclab Web Form Builder allows you to create single- and multi-page (sequential) php forms with ease. It supports all common form elements for email contact forms, support forms, surveys, application forms and custom forms. Web Form Builder is a software product for Windows PC, which creates the complete php form and processing code for you. There is no manual coding required.


Upload the php Form to your own Website

The php forms generated by Arclab Web Form Builder are running on your own web site. It's not required to use an external service provider to host your contact forms charging fees for every form submission. Simply upload a single file to your web site and get rid of external dependencies. The forms are running on all web space packages and web server using php 5.3.2, php 7 or higher.


Easy Form Integration

The script generated by the program can be easily integrated into the desired host page. Simply copy the HTML insertion code displayed in the program into your web page and upload the generated php file. The code for inserting the form consists of pure HTML instructions and can be inserted into any HTML (or php) page.


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