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File Upload Forms for Your Website


check  Send file uploads as email attachments

check  Insert the uploaded file into a MySQL database

check  Filter files based on the file extension

check  Filter files based on the file size

check  Create the form on your PC and upload it to your website

check  Form runs on your own website (no external form hosting)

check  There is no special upload folder on the web server required

check  Script runs on your own website

check  Works on all websites with PHP > 5.3.2, PHP 7 and 8

check  Visual Web Form Editor for Windows PC

check  Download fully functional trial version for Windows PC

Web Form Builder

Arclab® Web Form Builder

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Web Form Builder the online form creation software for Windows PC to
create HTML/PHP web forms for Email and MySQL with ease.

Create a web form that allows the user to upload files such as images or documents and add them to the email as an email attachment or insert
them to a MySQL database.


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Add a File Upload Form Element
for Images and Documents


Arclab Web Form Builder includes a "File Upload" form element that allows the form user to add files to the form data. This makes it easy to implement application forms with photos or contact forms with additional documents, e.g. an Excel sheet. The user-submitted files can either be sent to you as an email attachment or inserted directly to a MySQL database.

The file upload element can easily be inserted with the visual editor. A single file as well as multiple files can be uploaded. You can specify whether the upload is optional or whether this is a required field. Various options and user-defined error messages are available for the element.

The file upload element is displayed as a button with an icon in the form. If the user clicks on the button, the usual file selection dialog opens with which the file to be uploaded can be selected.

Add File Uploads to Form

Filter Files and Protect Your Forms


check  The uploaded file is not stored permanently on the web server, but sent by email or inserted into a MySQL database.

check  With the help of the file filter you can specify exactly which files the user can upload.

check  You can filter the file by size and extension.

check  When creating the web form, no manual programming is required. All code is created by the program.

check  Protect your form using a Captcha to lock out bots and automated submissions.

check  The program has a built-in Captcha and also supports Google's reCaptcha v2 and Invisible reCaptcha.

check  There are no additional include files required - all the code is included in the created PHP file.

check  Form built with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

check  Customize the text and design of the file upload button.


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