php File Upload Forms for your Website

How to create a file upload web form,
which sends the uploaded file as email attachment.


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File Upload Forms

Web Form Builder includes a "File Upload" form element, which makes it very easy to create file upload form to submit photos, documents, etc.


check  There is no special upload folder on the web server required.

check  There is no database on the web server required.

check  The uploaded file(s) will be sent as email attachment.

check  The uploaded file(s) can be accessed using your email client.

check  Script works on all server with php5 or newer.

File Upload Form

php File Upload Forms
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Web Form Builder is a software products for Windows.
The forms made by the form generator work on ALL web servers and web space packages using php 5+.


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How to Start - Basic Upload Form

  • Create a new form in Web Form Builder.
  • Open the "Form Properties" and enter the recipient (your email address) and the subject, e.g. "Photo Submission".
  • Add a "Form Element" of the type: "Attachment - File Upload" to your form.
  • Add a "Form Element" of the type "Button - Navigation and Submit" and check "Submit Form".
  • Click on "Create php Web Form" and upload the .php file to your web server.
  • Open the uploaded .php file in your web browser.
    Please note, that you need to upload the .php file to your web server - it will not work on your local machine.

The steps above create a very basic file upload form:
The selected file will be uploaded to the web server, processed by the php script and sent as email attachment to your email address.

Customize the File Upload Form

  • Add a "Form Element" of the type "Email - Email Address Input" to the form.
    The program will use this field as sender of the email, so that you can "Reply" to the file submission.
  • Add a "Form Element" of the type "Input - Single Line Input" to the form to gather further details e.g. the "Name".
  • Add a "Form Element" of the type "Input - Multi Line Input" to the form to gather further details e.g. the "Comment".
  • Add a "Form Element" of the type "Captcha" or "Google reCaptcha" to the form to block automated submissions and bots.
  • ... Add more fields as required for your project.


Integrate the Form into any existing Web Page

The forms can be integrated into any existing page or built based on a new page. The software supports multiple modes for easy form integration, either using a HTML template page, a php host page for php include or an iframe, which can be added to any page including Wordpress or Joomla pages.

Captcha or Google's reCaptcha

It's recommended to protect your form using a Captcha to lock out bots and automated submissions. The program has a built-in Captcha and also supports Google's reCaptcha. There are no additional included files required - all the code is included in the created php file.


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reCaptcha by Goolge
Internal Captcha