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More and more countries are tightening their privacy policy, especially with regard to which data may be transmitted abroad. Furthermore, of course, no third party should have access to the data entered in the form. This is particularly problematic if you use a form service provider who hosts the form on his server and also handles the data processing and data transfer.


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European Union GDPR Compliance


If you use the Arclab Web Form Builder you can avoid these problems as the form and the processing of the data (for example sending by email) takes place via your own website (your web server). In this way, you can ensure that no third party can access the form data.


How does it work?


check  Create the form on your own computer (Windows PC).

check  Upload the php script generated by the program to your own website (web server).

check  The uploaded php script creates the form and handles the processing.

check  The data entered by the user is transmitted to your own website and not to a third-party server.

check  The data processing takes place on your own website.

check  The form data can be transmitted by email or written to a MySQL database.

check  No external form hosting.

check  Web Form Builder is an online form generator software for Windows and not an online service.


In order to secure the data transfer from the server to the user, you need an SSL certificate which has to be set up on the server. This can usually be done easily via the web configuration of your web server. In the program itself, no setting is necessary, the SSL encryption of the form page is done directly by your web server. All you have to do is upload the form to a web server accessed via "https://" and not "http://".


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