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With Arclab® Web Form Builder, both single-page and multi-page forms can be created. The PHP web forms created by the program can be executed directly on your own website, so that there are no additional costs for hosting the forms. Another advantage of this is that no data is passed on to third parties. Web Form Builder is a visual web form editor for Windows PC, with which it is possible to create PHP forms without programming knowledge. The created PHP forms can be run on any website that supports PHP 5.3.2++, 7 or 8. The program is available in three versions and can be used by beginners as well as web professionals.



Single-Page Web Forms


With a single-page web form, all input fields are arranged on one form page. The program provides a large number of input elements for this. These include e.g. input fields for email addresses, input fields for postcode, drop-down list fields, radio buttons or numeric input fields.
A signature field, fields for file upload and elements for PayPal® payments are also available.

A classic example of a one-page web form is a contact form in which the user input is sent to a specified email address. A "Submit" button is used to submit the web form. When the user clicks on the button, the entered form data is sent to the website and processed there. Following the processing, the "Success Page" (see below) is displayed or the browser is optionally redirected to another webpage.

Single Page Form


Multi-Page Web Forms


If a web form contains a large number of input fields, it is advisable to distribute them over several form pages in order to distribute the input fields as clearly and user-friendly as possible. The layout and design of the web form can be freely designed and adapted to your needs, so that the form can be seamlessly integrated into your existing web page.

An example of this would be an order form in which the user and address data are requested on the first page, while the item selection or payment takes place on the second page of the form. Web Form Builder can also be used to create very extensive forms with many form pages. The user can switch between the pages using navigation buttons, which are inserted in most forms at the bottom of the form pages.

Single Page Form


The first page contains a "Next Page" button, the intermediate pages a "Previous Page" and "Next Page" button, while the last page contains a "Previous Page" and a "Submit" button. This allows you to design a sequence of pages which the user can fill out one after the other.

Since the form pages are dynamically inserted into the host page, the page switching takes place without the host page having to be reloaded. Clicking on the "Submit" button on the last form page triggers the data transfer and all form data will be submitted to the website. When switching between the form pages, there is no data transfer to the website and no cookies are set in the user's browser. After the form data has been submitted to the website and processed, the "Success Page" is displayed (see below).

Single Page Form


Data Processing and Success Page


After the form data has been submitted, it is processed by the PHP script. The script can perform various tasks, such as sending an email, sending a confirmation message to the user, entering the data in a MySQL database or executing user-defined PHP code. You can create a whole sequence of tasks in the program that are to be executed. In addition, you can define conditions which must be met for the respective task.

After all tasks have been performed by the script, the "Success Page" is displayed. This page is used to inform the user that the data transfer was successful. You can design this page as you wish. It is also possible to redirect the user to another webpage instead.

You can download Arclab® Web Form Builder for Windows PC and test the forms on your own website. The trial version is fully functional. (No registration required)

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