Captcha and Google® reCaptcha

Arclab® Web Form Builder

A "Captcha" a is challenge-response test to ensure that the form was filled out by a human ... and not by a bot.
Using the program, you can quickly and easily add Google's reCaptcha v2, Invisible Captcha or the built-in captcha to your form.


Captcha (Internal)

For the built-in captcha, the user must enter a combination of numbers and characters from a graphic. The graphics as well as the processing are completely taken over by the generated php script. The processing takes place entirely on your web server. No data is transferred to external servers.


Add Captcha to Form


The Captcha offers a medium protection against spam by bots.

Google® reCaptcha (External)

reCaptcha is a free service to protect your website from spam and abuse.


Please observe the legal provisions regarding data protection as well as the transfer, storage and processing of personal data.
reCaptcha is an online service provided by Google.


Login to the reCaptcha "Admin Console" to retrieve your keys.

How to create the keys for Google® reCaptcha


Add reCaptcha to Form


All you need is the "Site Key" and "Secret Key". Please note that the keys are valid only for the set domain and captcha type.


There are no changes or includes to your host page required.