Insert Web Form in Wordpress

Arclab® Web Form Builder

As of version 5.2.2++, the instructions for web integration are included directly in the program.
Simply click on "Finalize" and select your platform or web editor.


Web Integration

Log into Wordpress

  • Log in as a user of the role "Administrator" or "Editor".
  • Restricted users are not allowed to insert custom code/scripts, so they can not insert the form.


Edit Wordpress Page

  • Add a new page for the form or edit an existing one.
  • Wordpress "Gutenberg" Editor:
    Click on the + (plus) icon to add a new block, click on "Browse all" and select "Custom HTML" (in Widgets).
  • Wordpress "Classic" Editor:
    Switch the editor to "Text" mode to edit the source code.


Copy & Paste the Code into Wordpress

  • Click on "Copy Code" in the program.
  • Wordpress "Gutenberg" Editor: Paste the code into the editbox.
  • Wordpress "Classic" Editor: Paste the code into Wordpress ("Text" mode).
  • If you have not uploaded the form to the root folder, you have to adjust the path accordingly.
  • Save and publish the Wordpress page.