Selection Fields: Radiobutton, Checkbox, Dropdown

Arclab® Web Form Builder

Selection Fields

With a selection field, the user can select one or more values from a given list.
The following input types can be used for this:


Add a new "Form Element" and select the type you want:


Add Selection Field

Items for Selection

Click on the "+" icon to add an item:


Add Item


Then enter the "Item Text" and "Item Value" in the input boxes.

  • Item Text:
    The item text defines the text shown in the form.

  • Item Value:
    The item value defines the value for the selection.
    The "Item Value" is the value that should either be transferred by email or inserted into the database.


It is important to understand that there is a difference between the text displayed in the form and the selected value.
Of course you can also use the same text and value, but there are many applications where a different text is necessary.




In the following example, if the user selects the item "Option A" (green), the field would contain the value "Value A" (blue).


Item Text


The content of the field would be accordingly:

{SelectionSample} = Value A


Each input element has a unique field name through which the content can be accessed.
Each time the user changes the selection, the content of the form elements is automatically updated.
See also: Field Name

Tools: Insert Bulk, Sort and Delete Items

Click on the "Tools" icon:


Item Tools


See: Radio Button, Checkbox and Dropdown: Insert Bulk, Sort and Delete