User Manual Version 5

Arclab® Web Form Builder

1. Basics


computer  Program Basics

lock_open  License and Version



2. Pages and Layout


web  Form Pages

border_all  Grid (Layout)



3. Form Elements


mode_edit  Form Elements: Basics


mode_edit  Input and Selection


mode_edit  Hidden Fields and Calculations

border_all  Input Elements with Label


mode_edit  Logic Elements


perm_data_setting  External Data


help_outline  Form Elements: Tips and Tricks



4. Form Styles


settings  Style Settings


format_size  Responsive Form Styles

help_outline  Styles: How to ...



5. Form Submission


flash_on  Submission Tasks


flash_on  Send Email


flash_on  Insert into MySQL Database

help_outline  Troubleshoot


flash_on  Execute Custom PHP Code


help_outline  Execute Custom PHP Code F.A.Q.



6. Web Integration


language  Web Integration


help_outline  Help and F.A.Q.

help_outline  Error Codes