Version Comparison

Arclab® Web Form Builder

Web Form Builder Test Version

You can fully evaluate the program using our test version. The test version contains all features, but brands the form pages with "Test-Version".
You can download and test the software as long as you want on your own website (no registration required).



Web Form Builder Light, Professional and Developer Edition

The program is available in 3 versions: The light and professional version is for users who want to build forms for their own website.
The Developer Edition is for developers and commercial users creating forms for their own or a client's website.



Web Form Builder - Edition: Light Professional Developer
Level: star starstar starstarstar
Create forms for your own/companies website: check check check
Create forms for a client's website: not_interested not_interested check
Create forms for multiple of your own/companies domains: check check check
Create forms for multiple domains owned by your clients: not_interested not_interested check
Max. number of form fields: 10 all_inclusive all_inclusive
Single-page forms: check check check
Multi-page forms: not_interested check check
Unlimited number of forms: check check check
Unlimited form submissions: check check check
Upload form to your own website: check check check
Send form data as email using php mail(): check check check
Send form data as email using SMTP: check check check
Insert form data into a MySQL database: check check check
Max. number of submission tasks: 1 all_inclusive all_inclusive
File uploads: check check check
Captcha: check check check
Hidden fields and calculations: check check check
Free email support: check check check
Payment type: One-time payment.
There are no recurring fees for using the software.
Free updates: 12 months. All updates are optional.
The license for the purchased version (or the last free update) never expires.


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