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How to Analyze Your Website and Search for
Duplicate META Descriptions in Your Web Pages



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Duplicate META Descriptions

The META description should contain a meaningful summary or description of the content of the page. You should make sure that each of your pages has its own description, as the description will sometimes appear in search results under the page title. Sometimes search engines create a description themselves and ignore the description you created. Just like with the page title, you should definitely avoid duplicates here because (to put it simply) duplicate content can have a negative impact on the page ranking in the search results.


Web pages that not only have the same META description but are 100% identical are excluded from this report.
These pages are listed in the report: “Duplicate HTML Content”.

How can I Find "Duplicate META Descriptions" in My Website?

Troubleshooting is easy with Arclab® Website Analyzer. First, let the program scan your website.
After the scan of your website is completed, you will receive a detailed report containing all errors found on your website and other information:


Website Analyzer Report


In the "Duplicate META Descriptions" line, click "Show Details" to display details about the errors:


Details: Duplicate META Descriptions


  • The report shows that at least two of your pages (A) contain the same META description (B).
  • Modify the corresponding web pages so that duplicate META descriptions no longer occur.

How to Edit the META Description

You can change this either in your web editor, CMS system or directly in the source code of the HTML page.
The HTML <meta> tag name="description" is located in the <head> section of the HTML page.


HTML Source Sample:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">

<meta name="description" content="Sample META Description">