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How to Search Your Website for Email Links
and Find Web Pages that Contain a "mailto:" Link



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Email (mailto:) Links in Your Web Pages

An email or mailto: link refers to a link in which the target of the link is not a website, but an email address.
When the user clicks on this link, the user's email program opens to send an email to the specified email address.


HTML Source Sample:

<a href="mailto:someone@yourdomain.tld">Please send an email if you have any questions.</a>


This is not an error report, but rather provides information about email addresses published on the website. In order to enable users to contact the site operator or company, it is often recommended to use a contact form instead of an email link, where the email address is not visible to the outside world. There are many bots that specifically search for email addresses on websites in order to send unwanted email or spam to these email addresses.

How can I Find "Email Links (mailto:)" in My Website?

Finding mailto: links is easy with Arclab® Website Analyzer. First, let the program scan your website.
After the scan of your website is completed, you will receive a detailed report containing all errors found on your website and other information:


Website Analyzer Report


In the "Email Links (mailto:)" line, click "Show Details" to display details about the errors:


Details: Email Links (mailto:)


  • The program displays all email (mailto:) links (A).
  • Under each URI or mailto: link, the pages that contain the mailto: link are displayed (B).