Scan Website

Arclab® Website Analyzer

Scan Website

Before the program can display information about your website, it must first scan the website.
To do this, click on "Scan Website" (or on "Rescan Website").

The program also automatically starts the scanning process when you perform an action that requires a prior scan of the website.


Scan Website


During the "scan" process, all your web pages are read and processed.
Click on "Scan Website" to start:


Start Website Scan


Depending on the size of your website, the scanning process may take some time.


First, a "HEAD" request is sent to the web server for each URI. The response from the web server contains the status code, file size and content-type. Not all resources are downloaded from the server, but depending on the content-type it is decided whether a resource (URI) should be downloaded or not. For example, all HTML documents of type: text/html are downloaded and processed. The program then searches for additional resources (links) within these files and adds them to the processing queue.


After the scanning process is complete, click "Ok" to bring up the "Website Analyzer Report".