Add and Edit a Website to Analyze

Arclab® Website Analyzer

Website Settings

Switch to the "Websites" tab and click on "Website Settings":


Edit Website


Various options are available in the "Website Settings" to adapt the scan and the reports to your website:


Website Settings


If you are using the program for the first time, you should keep the default settings.
These already deliver very good results for most websites.


Option: Description:
Protocol Switching Protocol changes from http: to https: (or vica versa) are internal or external.
External Links
  • Skip External Resources
    The program will not check external resources.
  • Check External Resources
    The program will check external resources, but will not follow links in the external resource.
Max. Threads Maximum number of concurrent threads. Default: 20 threads
Do not overload your server with too many threads.
Reduce the number of threads if you get too many errors.
Timeout Timeout value in seconds. Default: 5 seconds.
Max. Retries Max. number of retries if the connection failed or timed out. Default: 1 retry
Max. Link Depth Max. link depth. Default: 100
The recursion stops after the max. link depth was reached. Use this option if your page contains loops which would result in infinite URLs due to scripts or error on the page.
Additional Includes Add subdomains or URI's which are not "within" the website URI. Includes will be interpreted as internal links.
Add e.g. www.yourdomain.tld if your website URI is yourdomain.tld and uses links in the format yourdomain.tld and www.yourdomain.tld
URI Excludes Add strings, folders or page names to exclude. Excludes will be interpreted as external links.
URI Blacklist Add strings, folders or page names to blacklist. The URI will be ignored if a blacklisted item was found.
User-Agent User-Agent to simulate desktop and mobile browsers.
See also: User-Agent of Desktop and Mobile Browsers
Default Page Names The default page names are used to avoid duplicate content warnings.
e.g. "/" equals "index.html"
Max. Page Title Length The program warns if a page "Title" extends the specified length (in chars).
Max. Description Length The program warns if a META "description" extends the specified length (in chars).