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Basics: Page Title and META Description

The page title and META description is very important and each page should have a title and description.
Search engines use page titles and META descriptions in order to recognize what information the website contains.


Page Title

Every web page should have a title in the HTML head section.

<title>Add page title here</title>


The title tag is important for both, humans and search engines:


META Description

The description should be included in the HTML head section, too. The META description won't be shown in the web browser when viewing a web page, but search engines like Google often show the description in the search results (below the title). The description should be accurate and relevant to the page content. It's also recommended to include your main search keywords in the description, but again: don't spam and avoid keyword stuffing. Arclab Website Link Analyzer checks for missing, too long and duplicate META descriptions.

<meta name="description" content="Add abstract (description) of the web page here.">

Step 1: Setup max. Title and Description Length

Click on "Add Website" if you run the program the first time or go the "Settings" to setup the max. page title and meta description length (in chars).

You can freely define the max. title and description length for each website in the settings.


Setup max. Title and Description Length


The defaults are recommended values for search engines like e.g. Google

  • The default max. page title length is 60 chars. Some SEO exports lately recommended a max. title length of 55 chars.
  • The default max. META description length is 160 chars.



Step 2: Analyze your Website to gather Title and Description

Click on "Analyze" to let the program crawl through your website.


Get Title and Description

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Step 3: View the Report

Click on "Show Report" after the website was scanned.
The report shows all web pages with:


Missing or duplicate Title and Description


"Long Page Titles" and "Long META Descriptions" (the number in square brackets show the setup max. length) are shown separately in the report:




Click on the "Open In-Depth Grid View" icon to show an alternate view or explore your website.