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Index Files and Folders

  Index files and folders for technical documentations

  Add a custom link prefix for file distributions

  Create HTML sitemaps

  Multiple output modes (single- and multi-file)

  Highly customizable

  Index large structures and large file sizes

  Software product for Windows PC

  Clean HTML5 output using CSS and utf-8


Arclab Dir2HTML is a directory to HTML index converter which builds a html index file out of directory structures and files on your computer. Dir2HTML can index large file structures or even whole drives with just one click. The program creates a single page index with subfolder sections, a single page index without subfolder sections or a multi-page index with separate index files for each subfolder.

Date column, size column and a custom column can be included or hidden. Allmost everything inside the index could be customized, colors, text, column sizes, etc. ... It creates a clean HTML5 output file using CSS styles, utf-8 and supports all character sets.


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Explore Arclab Dir2HTML with our test version for MS Windows. The test version is fully functional and allows you to test all features of the software.


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  Convert a directory to a HTML file

  Include or exclude sub-folders (recursion)

  Index large structures with a single click

  Convert a directory structure and files to a single HTML file

  Convert a directory structure and files to multiple HTML files

  Specify the files to index (e.g. .html, .jpg, etc.)

  Exclude files or folders

  Variable table layout (column order)

  Add size column

  Add date column

  Add custom description column

  Add a back-link (e.g. to your homepage)

  Add folder size and total size

  Specify size unit

  Specify date format

  Supports large file sizes

  Create a HTML Sitemap

  Link files using a custom link-prefix for file distributions

  Create sub-sections for sub-folders

  Lowercase files and links

  Uppercase files and links

  Convert spaces in links to %20

  Creates a HTML5 file using utf-8

  Written in unicode

  Supports all languages and charsets

  Custom fonts and colors

  Style and layout based on CSS for easy customization

  CSS code in header or external CSS file

  Variable width and alignment

  Custom text