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Create a HTML Index of your
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check  Index files and folders for technical documentations

check  Create file lists

check  Create HTML sitemaps

check  Add a custom link prefix for file distributions

check  Multiple output modes (single- and multi-file)

check  Highly customizable

check  Index large structures and large file sizes

check  HTML5 compliant output using CSS and utf-8

check  Software product for Windows PC and Server


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Arclab Dir2HTML is a directory to HTML index converter which builds a html index file out of directory structures and files on your computer or network. The file list can include subfolders (recursive search) or just a single folder. Dir2HTML can index large file structures or even whole drives with just one click. The program creates a single page index with subfolder sections, a single page index without subfolder sections or a multi-page index with separate index files for each subfolder.



Index with subsections  


Index without subsections


Custom colors


Custom table layout & columns


Date column, size column and a custom column (for page title or content-type) can be included or hidden. Almost everything inside the index could be customized, colors, text, column sizes, etc. ... Dir2HTML creates a "clean" HTML5 formatted output file using CSS styles, uses utf-8 encoding and supports all character sets.


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check  Build a HTML index file of a directory

Convert file and folder structures into a HTML file with a few clicks. Dir2HTML creates a directory index, which can be used for file distributions, file lists, sitemaps, technical documentations, etc. The index is fully customizable and can be used for various purposes.


check  Convert a directory to a single HTML file

Dir2HTML has multiple output modes. The default mode creates the index in a single HTML file making the index easy to upload and maintain.


check  Create sub-sections for sub-folders

Sub-sections means the program create a separate section for each (sub) folder with a heading and a file list. Each sub folder contains a heading and is linked from the top-level folder, so that the user can navigate through the folders.


check  Convert a directory to multiple HTML files

Dir2HTML also contains an alternate mode, which creates a separate index file for each (sub) folder. The index files are linked from the top-level folder for easy browsing. This mode is recommended if the index contains a large number of files and helps to reduce the file size.


check  Specify the files to index

Include all files or only specific files. The software allows to add multiple filters either based on the extension (e.g..html, .jpg) or file name (e.g. DSC)


check  Exclude files or folders

The directory might contain files which shouldn't be included in the file list. Dir2HTML allows to exclude folder or files based on the file name. System and hidden files (for example desktop.ini files) are excluded from the index by default.


check  Sort files and folders

Files and folders can be sorted separately by name, date or size in ascending or descending order.


check  Variable table layout (column order)

The table contains four columns: Size, File, Date and Custom. The layout is variable allowing you to change the column order depending on your project.


check  Variable width and alignment

The table with/alignment and also the with of each column can be customized in the project settings.


check  Add "Date" and "Size" column

The "Size" column contains the file size and the "Date" column contains the file date of each file. Size and date can be shown or hidden.


check  Add folder size and total size

The folder size and total file size inside a folder can be shown or hidden. This option adds a summary showing the folder size below each index section.


check  Add custom description column

A custom (description) column can be added to the index, allowing you to add a custom description to each file.


check  HTML page title and content-type

Insert the HTML page title of a HTML file and/or the file's content-type into the custom description column.


check  Uppercase or lowercase files and links

File names can be transformed to uppercase or lowercase creating a consistent look.


check  Convert spaces in links to %20

Spaces in links can be converted to %20 to avoid problems with older browsers.


check  Creates a HTML5 file using utf-8

Dir2HTML creates HTML5 compliant output files using utf-8 encoding.


check  Supports all languages and charsets

The program is written in unicode and support all languages and charsets.

check  Include or exclude sub-folders (recursion)

Enable recursion to include files inside sub folders to the index.


check  Index large structures with a single click

The program is very powerful and can handle large directory structures. It doesn't matter if a folder contains ten or thousands of files.


check  Run Dir2HTML from command line/Windows Scheduler

Use the command line parameter /runsilent to run the program in silent mode without user interface.


check  Create a HTML sitemap

Dir2HTML can also be used to create HTML sitemaps.
See also: HTML Sitemap Generator


check  Custom text

Any text used in the index can be customized, e.g. the "main title" or the "folder-up" text. This feature allows you to create a file list for any language.


Dir2HTML Screenshot


check  Add a home-link (e.g. to your homepage)

The home-link option adds a hyperlink to the root-level index section allowing your visitors to go e.g. back to your homepage.


check  Specify size unit

The file and folder size can be shown in byte (B), kilobyte (KB), megabyte (MB) or gigabyte (GB). The option "auto" decides the size unit for each file or folder automatically based on the actual file/folder size.


check  Specify date format

The date can be shown in U.S. or European formats:


check  Supports large file sizes

The program uses 64bit values and supports large file sizes.


check  Link files using a custom link-prefix for file distributions

A hyperlink can be added to each file. Using a custom link-prefix the file names can be linked to file in a different folder, location or web server.


check  Custom fonts and colors

From font-family to hover color - all fonts, sizes and colors can be changed according to your corporate or project design.


check  Style and layout based on CSS for easy customization

The style and layout is based on CSS and can be changed easily. The CSS code can be either added to the HTML header or saved to an external CSS file, which can be useful if you want to change the style manually for multi-page index files.


check  Test Version

The test version corresponds to the licensed version in terms of functionality.
The only difference is that the test version replaces every 2nd file name.


Download Test Version