Unicode Strings in ini-Files

Write an Unicode String to an ini-File using WritePrivateProfileString

If you try to write an unicode string like e.g. "日本人" to an ini-file then you will notice that the function WritePrivateProfileString fails.
The solution is to create the ini-file with the encoding UTF-16LE before writing an unicode string to it.
Please note: You need to create the file before writing to it the first time (only once).


Sample Sourcecode:

CString inifile=L"c:\\temp\sample.ini";

FILE *stream = NULL;
// make sure the file does not already exist
if (_wfopen_s (&stream,inifile,L"r") == ENOENT)
    // create file with encoding UTF-16LE
    if (_wfopen_s (&stream,inifile,L"w, ccs=UTF-16LE") == 0)
        // optional: add some text e.g.
        fputws (L"// UNICODE INI FILE\n",stream);
if (stream != NULL) fclose (stream);

// write unicode string to ini-file

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