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Email to Database Software for Windows PC

Inbox2DB runs on your Windows based PC and collects data from incoming email messages, e.g. order notifications, applications, surveys or messages generated by a web form. The application connects your email account to your spreadsheet or database. It extracts the data from email messages in your inbox and inserts the information into a MS Excel, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL Server or other database via ODBC. Inbox2DB is a software application for Windows and does not require a server installation. All you need is a normal PC and an email account.


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Arclab Inbox2DB is an email automation solution and email parser software for your Windows PC to automate your inbox, collect data from incoming messages and insert the information into a database.


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Data Integration and Automation

Integrate data from external processes like order notification, surveys, form data, etc. into your own database or excel sheet. Inbox2DB can process hundreds and thousands of messages in a few moments and saves you a lot of time. Just press a button and let the program do the work for you - no more copy/paste. New messages can be polled automatically or on request.


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Field Mapping and Relationship

Connect your database (or Excel sheet) to data sent to you via email with Inbox2DB. The email is used as transport medium from an internal or external source to your database. The program extracts the information out of the email message and inserts the data directly into your database.

The field mapping can be setup based on a sample message and thanks to the preview function you can control the field mapping instantly. It automatically maps the data types to the database fields, so you don't need to care much about matching data types.

The program creates one record for each incoming message in the specified database, which contains the extracted data.

Collect Data from Web Forms
using Email Messages

From surveys to applications - today almost every company uses web forms to collect information from an user. Using Arclab Inbox2DB you don't need an online database, which means the data is available directly on your computer. It also increases privacy and security for your users - there is no online database, which could be hacked. The collected data will be inserted into a database on your own computer, allowing you to use the data instantly for further processing.

Thanks to the customizable collection engine, you can use any type of form mailer or script - there is no mandatory email format. Most hosting services already provide a contact form, which can be customized and used for this purpose.

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