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check  Send unlimited newsletter mailings

check  No extra costs per message

check  No subscriptions and no recurring fees

check  Send newsletters and campaigns from your own computer

check  Send messages in your own design and layout

check  Responsive and static email newsletter templates included

check  One-time payment for the license

check  Software for MS Windows (Home, Professional or Server)

check  Free version available for download

check  No registration required to use the free version

MailList Controller

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Newsletter Software for Your
Windows PC, Notebook or Server


A newsletter software is a specialized mail client sending email messages to a contact list. Each subscriber gets an unique email which can be personalized using the contact database. It also includes additional features, for example automated subscriptions using a web form. Maillist Controller is software product for Windows PC and not a hosted online service. It enables you to send email newsletters directly from your own computer without using an expensive web service. All you need is an email account (hosted or from your own server) and a regular Windows PC.

Arclab MailList Controller is the complete solution for newsletter mailings and email marketing campaigns. Test drive our software or use the free version as long as you want. There is no registration required.


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Email Marketing Software

MailList Controller is an easy way to communicate with your customers and friends. Email marketing software is very cost effective - it allows you to reach thousands of potential or returning customers for virtually free. Build a close relationship with your customers and see the effort of your email newsletter campaign immediately. Just press a button and your newsletter goes out to your subscribers.

Our newsletter software targets 3 different groups and is available in 4 versions. The free and light version for private users or small groups. The professional version is for the business and professional user, who wants to build a closer relation to his newsletter subscribers. Our flagship software product is the eXtreme version, which is the right choice for professionals and companies with a large customer base.

Software Solution for Windows PC

MailList Controller is a "real" software product for Windows PC, notebook or server which allows you to send newsletters and email campaigns from your own computer without using a SaaS provider. Your subscribers contact information is stored on your computer, giving you complete control over your data.


check  Send unique, personalized email newsletters

check  Built-in WYSIWYG message editor

check  Add custom fields for personalization (mail merge)

check  Add attachments and inline-images

check  Send multipart text/html messages for max. compatibility

check  Responsive and static email newsletter templates

check  Included message templates can be used royalty-free

check  Use custom newsletter templates in HTML format

check  Import HTML files

check  Direct support for external HTML editors

check  Support for external users (external mail clients)

check  Add subscribe and remove forms to your own website

check  Private and secure - database stored on your own computer

check  Single and double opt-in newsletter subscriptions

check  Optional List-Unsubscribe Header

check  Built-in tool to create "subscribe" and "remove" web forms

check  Import contacts from MS Access, MS Excel or text

check  Import contacts from ODBC sources (MS SQL, MySQL, etc.)

check  Works with any email account or your mail server

check  Partial and delayed send mode for limited accounts

check  Customizable returned mail detection

check  Track click-through and open-rate statistics using Google Analytics

check  One-time payment includes free updates for 12 months

check  Purchased version or last free update never expires

check  No subscription to a SaaS provider and No recurring fees

check  Free version available (no registration required)


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Professional Email Newsletter Software

MailList Controller includes all features required for a successful newsletter service or email marketing campaign and covers every aspect of modern mailing list management. It's easy to setup, but has powerful features. The fast and reliable SMTP engine works with allmost any email account and SMTP server.

Use the built-in WYSIWYG message editor to compose personalized rich-text (HTML) email newsletters in MIME format with an alternate plain-text part. You can import HTML files, edit the message in an external HTML editor, add inline images and file attachments to your newsletters. The included (responsive and static layout) newsletter templates can be used royalty-free with MailList Controller.

Newsletter Software

Mailing List Management Automation

Your contact list is a valuable property. MailList Controller helps you to build your contact list or manage your existing lists. It does not make much difference if you have just started or already have a large customer database. Everybody can use our newsletter software and profit from its results.

Convert your visitors into subscribers using a web form, which could include custom fields for additional data. The subscription process runs without user intervention and supports single and double opt-in subscriptions. Send newsletters and make customers out of your subscribers.

List Management

Data Import and Linked Lists

Import contacts from Text (CSV), MS Excel, MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL or other database using an ODBC connection to your list. The alternate list mode "Linked List" queries the contacts directly from an external database without prior import.


Excel Access MS SQL Server MySQL ODBC
MS Excel or CSV MS Access MS SQL Server MySQL Server Other (ODBC)



Works with Your Email Account or Server

MailList Controller does not have high requirements. It can be used with any SMTP email account: use a hosted mail account, an account from your own domain or your company's mail server. The built-in mail service has a fast SMTP engine and supports SSL/TLS encrypted connections, but will not overload your mail server or account.

It contains different options to adjust the mailing speed depending on your environment or mailing limit. You can setup a pause after sending out a specific number of messages or limit the number of outgoing messages sent within the specified time. The alternate "IIS Pickup Folder" mode can be used to bypass SMTP when running your own mail server.


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