How to Enable SPF for Domain/Email

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Enable Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for your Domain/Email

The Sender Policy Framework SPF is a framework to prevent sender address forgery. In easy words (simplified):
"SPF is used to describe what mail server is allowed to send messages for a domain".


The recipient's mail exchanger queries the DNS record of the sender domain to get information about the hosts (or IP addresses) authorized to send emails for the domain. It ensures that the sender envelope (From: header-line) cannot be faked.
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Update the DNS configuration of your domain and add a "TXT" record to your DNS to enable SPF.



v=spf1 ... specifies the protocol
a ... all A and AAAA records are allowed
mx ... all MX records are allowed
-all ... all other hosts are NOT allowed


The above sample shows a typical configuration.
A detailed list of configuration options can be found here ( SPF Record Syntax).

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