Copy Text to Clipboard

How to copy text from an HTML element (div, p, span) to the clipboard

Add the following javascript code to your page:

function CopyToClipboard(id)
var r = document.createRange();

Copy Code to Clipboard


The function copies the visible text of the element to the clipboard.
This works as if you had selected the text and copied it with ctrl+c.
Use the parameter "id" to select the element you want to copy.



<p id="sample">Hello World</p>

The following link copies the text within the specified element (in this sample the paragraph with id="sample") to the clipboard:

<a href="#" onclick="CopyToClipboard('sample');return false;">Copy Text</a>

You can also copy the text from other elements, like e.g. a <span>:

<span id="sample">Hello World</span>

or a <div>:

<div id="sample">Hello World</div>

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