How to Connect to a hosted MySQL Server

Setup an ODBC Data Connection to a MySQL Server

You can connect to a hosted MySQL server from any application via ODBC:

  1. Download and install the required MySQL ODBC Connector from the MySQL homepage: link

  2. Create a new ODBC DSN (Data Source Name) either from within the application or from "Administrative Tools" > "Data Sources (ODBC)".

    Create a "User DSN" if the database should be available for the current user only.
    Create a "System DSN" if the database should be available for all users and windows services.

  3. Fill in the required details and test the connection. If everything is working fine, then save it and close the "Data Source (ODBC)" dialog.

    MySQL Connector

    The "Data Source Name" is the name, which identifies the connection. You can type in any name here, e.g. "MyConnection".

    The TCP/IP Server is the server name of your hosted MySQL (web server). Please take a look at your hosted control panel or ask your web administrator if you don't know what server name you should enter here.


Unicode Applications:

Some older versions of the MySQL ODBC Connector won't support unicode, which could result in missing characters or squares.
Please make sure you have installed the latest version of the ODBC driver and select the "MySQL ODBC Unicode" driver - not the ANSI driver!


32bit and 64bit Applications:

If you are using a 32bit application you need to install the 32bit MySQL ODBC Connector, because 64bit ODBC DSN's are not available for 32bit applications. Use the 64bit MySQL ODBC Connector if you are using a 64bit application.
See also: How to setup a Windows ODBC DSN on 64bit systems for 32bit applications



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