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Silent Mode /runsilent

Dir2HTML contains a "Silent Mode" which means you can run the program without using the program's user interface. The command-line parameter /runsilent allows you to re-build the HTML index from a batch file (script), Windows Task Scheduler or from a 3rd-party application. The index source folder, output and all other settings are saved in the project file (.adir extension).

Important: You need to run the user interface to setup the project, run it once and save the project!
See also: User Interface


Command Line:

adir2html.exe /runsilent=[project-file]



"C:\Program Files (x86)\Arclab\Dir2HTML\adir2html.exe"/runsilent=Q:\Work\dir2html\demo.adir


First setup the project, build the index once and "Save" it.
Scroll down to "Command Line":


Run silent


Now copy & paste the command line string "Run Silent" to run Dir2HTML from the command line and re-build the HTML index file(s).


Important: The "Project" and "Output" must be defined before you can run the project from the command line!